AGEV’s expertise and in-depth knowledge of consumer and market needs, along with advance research and analysis related to signage norms, standards, best practices and latest innovation, have made it possible to create a consultancy and signage and wayfinding studies entity.

This entity is specifically elaborated to help understand each client and project needs and come up with a tailor made signage concept for the project.

Planning Phase

  • Consolidate project outlines: budget, scope, timeline
  • Familiarize with project’s identity and branding: logo, architecture, landscaping
  • Coordinate with concerned signage requirements, priorities, and constraints
  • Identify / collect or elaborate analysis of circulation flows
  • Collect and analyze plans (architecture, master and site plan)

Prototype Elaboration Phase

  • Identify major traffic flows on the plans and analyze viewing distances for signage
  • Identify signage prototypes
  • Develop a coding system for the prototypes
  • Indicate locations of all signs on maps
  • Elaborate a schedule list of all signs and prepare corresponding BoQ

Conceptual Phase

  • Develop conceptual design outline, and elaborate:
    • Standard sizes per sign type
    • Font/typefaces (letter heights, proportions, etc)
    • Colors
    • Graphics elements such as arrows, symbols, pictograms
  • Specifications (materials details, finishing, colors, construction details, fasteners, elevations)

Finalization Phase

Following approval of customer on conceptual phase deliverable:
  • Update location plans, schedule, BoQ
  • Finalize sign schedule, prototype and information content
This phase is considered completed upon review and approval by the customer